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GBU Financial Life Pledges More Than $250,000 in Matching Funds and Donations to Help During COVID-19 Crisis.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based GBU Financial Life (GBU) is looking to help its 65,000+ members raise funds for local first responders, food banks and other essential community services across the country.

Pittsburgh, PA (April 13, 2020)
In response to the vast need of resources for first responders, food banks and other essential community services, GBU Financial Life has created a three-pronged approach to rally its member base to help. “We don’t make masks or ventilators,” said GBU CEO Bill Hunt, “but as a fraternal organization, our mission is to help others in need.” GBU sells life insurance and annuity products and has been doing just that since it was founded in 1892. Traditionally, fraternal organizations like GBU have stepped up to help during times of crisis, such as during the Depression, the Spanish Flu Pandemic and World Wars. “Although we are keeping our members’ assets safe during this time,” said Hunt, “we also want to help as many as we can in our members’ communities.” GBU has more than 65,000 members throughout the United States and abroad organized into 30 regional districts and will be using that vast network to get funds where they need to go during this crisis.

The company’s first action step is to help the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. GBU National Vice-President Matt Blistan and Senior Human Resources Director, Rick Rodriguez will present the food bank with a check for $10,000 on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 3:30 p.m. at its location at 1 North Linden Street, Duquesne, PA 15110. In addition, the company will continue to make up to three additional $10,000 donations while the crisis persists. “We saw the requirement that the food bank has for feeding even more people than usual and we wanted to help with that immediate need,” said Blistan.

Next, GBU will be sending a $1,000 donation to a local first-responder organization in each of its 30 districts. The district leadership teams in each district will determine which non-profits will receive the funding. GBU will also match member donations to each local organization, up to
$2,500 if received within 30 days.

Third, GBU is calling on individual members to help raise funds for local organizations where they see a need. Any GBU member can submit a qualified organization for approval. If approved, GBU will match any funds raised for that individual’s organization, up to $1,000. GBU invites those who wish to follow along with the fundraising efforts to follow the GBU Members In Action Facebook Group for updates. “During the current crisis, we see that many fundraising efforts needed to be cancelled, just at the time when their need is the greatest, “said Blistan.
“We hope that our virtual fundraising can help to make up for some of the fundraising revenue that these organizations have lost.”

About GBU Financial Life
Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, GBU Financial Life is a member-owned fraternal benefit society, founded by German Immigrants in 1892 to provide financial security and social activities to its members. Today, people of all backgrounds and ethnic groups are welcome to enjoy GBU’s unique member benefits through the purchase of life insurance and annuity products as well as retirement savings and financial planning programs.

The GBU Foundation provides college scholarship and grant opportunities to GBU members of all ages seeking higher education and it funds national projects such as Operation Reach Out. The GBU Foundation, with the help of GBU’s districts and members around the country, supports many national charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, American Cancer Society and the Red Cross, as well as many local food banks and community projects.

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