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Term Life

Launching a career. Getting married. Starting a family. Buying a home. With each milestone, financial protection becomes more important. Our Select Choice Term Life policies help you get the protection you need today at a reasonable price. It works just like its name sounds. You are covered for a set period of time as long as premiums are paid when due.

  • Security for your loved ones. Purchasing a Term Life policy helps ensure that if something unforeseen happens to you, your loved ones will be financially protected.

  • Designed for your budget. Term Life from GBU Life is affordable; you’re able to choose the amount of coverage you need for a time period that makes sense for you, whether it’s one year, ten years or up to 35 years.

  • Flexibility to change as your life changes. Choose from a range of features and add-ons to customize your coverage. Our policies can be renewed annually after your term ends. Or, you can convert to permanent coverage that lasts for your lifetime.

Secure Life Insurance Series

Whole Life

Life insurance helps provide valuable financial security for the ones you love after you’re gone. That’s a given. Our Secure Whole Life policies also build cash value while you’re living, which can make them a smart component of a sound financial plan.

  • Life insurance protection that lasts a lifetime. You won’t have to worry about insurability down the road. As long as you pay the premiums, your policy stays in force.

  • Premiums that won’t increase, ever. Fixed premiums make planning simple. Plus, we offer different payment periods so you can choose what’s right for your budget.

  • Builds cash value over time, guaranteed. The cash value from your premiums grows tax deferred and can be used however you want: to pay for higher education, buy a home or supplement your retirement income.
  • The opportunity to earn annual dividends. Dividends can increase your cash value, increase the death benefit, reduce premiums or be paid in cash. While dividends aren’t guaranteed, GBU Life has been paying them to our policyowners for decades.

  • Features and add-ons. You have the flexibility to tailor coverage to ensure your policy fits your needs.

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