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Secure the future

While life doesn’t come with guarantees, fixed annuities do

Fixed annuities can add to your investments and are backed by an insurance company. They provide predictable growth along with the ability to turn savings into an income stream.

GBU Life fixed annuities grow tax deferred until it’s time to withdraw the funds or turn them into a regular paycheck you can’t outlive. Not only can our annuities be a good fit for helping to secure retirements, they can also help members reach other long-term financial goals like buying a home or paying for higher education.

Growth you can count on

Annuities from GBU Life offer you options to help build wealth. Our deferred annuities help grow your savings with competitive interest rates, compounded daily, while our immediate annuities convert a portion of your retirement savings into steady, reliable income for a specified period or your lifetime.

With a choice of plans and payouts, you’re able to match your financial goals and timeframe–and gain confidence from knowing you’ll have money when you need it. No matter which annuity you choose, we don’t charge upfront or annual sales fees and 100% of your deposits start earning interest from the day they are received.

Peace of mind takes planning

Saving for the future

Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity (FPDA)

Our tax-deferred annuities provide competitive interest rates for five- or eight-year periods. You can make contributions in a lump sum or a series of payments in either qualified retirement accounts or non-qualified accounts.

This product is an update of the Preferred 5 and Preferred 8 that you love*, with new features.

*GBU annuities were rated 4 or 5 out of 5 for product quality by 97% of respondents to GBU Life’s 2022 Member Survey.

Predicable growth

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA)

An Asset Guard MYGA Annuity from GBU Life provides you with guaranteed growth and stability. Have confidence and certainty in your retirement outlook; save for the future by protecting your portfolio with a guaranteed return.

Unlike other annuities with returns that can change over the life of the contract, the interest rate for your Asset Guard Annuity is locked in at issue and guaranteed for the time period that you select.

This makes it a realizable and steady contract that has principal protection. Further, there are no fees associated with MYGAs, and your deposits start earning interest from the day they are received.

Income that starts now

Immediate Annuities

As retirement nears, financial challenges like rising healthcare costs, inflation and market volatility need to be managed. Our immediate annuities convert a portion of members’ savings into steady, reliable and guaranteed income for a specified period or their lifetime.

We offer a range of payout options so members can balance their income needs with their legacy wishes. Members can choose when payments begin, how long the payments will last, whether to insure one or two policyholders and/or designate a beneficiary to receive any remaining payments.

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