If you’re a GBU Financial Life (GBU) member or are considering a GBU life insurance or annuity policy, don’t forget to include your children as well. GBU offers numerous benefits, activities and programs to engage your child. You may ask yourself, why choose a member-owned insurance company like GBU for my family?
Since its founding in 1892, GBU has helped to secure financial safety nets for members through stock market crashes, wars, pandemics and other challenging times, while continuing to provide value for its members. Today, the company hosts 65,000 members. GBU is an established organization with a financially strong foundation and a well-decorated history of helping members get back and give back, making it a clear choice for secure investment opportunities.
The gift of a youth membership will set your child on a path to continued success and a bright future while helping secure solid, financial footing. When you purchase any GBU policy, membership is guaranteed for the term of the policy and your child is prepared for the next stage in life. Whether your child is heading off to college or a trade school, getting married or gearing up to buy a first home, GBU can set them on the right track to meet these milestones. Consider the following products:
Coverdell Education Savings Account
This option allows you to safely save cash gifts and earnings from early jobs. Parents and grandparents can contribute to this account as well. You can read more about this product HERE.
Youth 3 Pay Life Membership Life Insurance
This policy provides coverage for your child for life in three low, annual payments. You can read more about this product HERE.
Youth 3 Pay Life Insurance
This policy is similar to the Youth 3 Pay Life Membership, but instead provides higher face values and rider options. You can read more about this product HERE.
In addition, when you purchase one of these products, your child becomes a GBU member with great benefits, too. Youth members qualify for key benefits like scholarship and grant programs, as well as the GBU Orphan Benefit program. In addition to a secure savings, the following benefits are available to your child as a youth member:
Scholarships and Grants
Scholarships and grants are available for high school students and those entering college, graduate school or trade school. Last year, GBU awarded more than $160,000 in scholarships and grants. In order to qualify for this benefit, your child must be a member themselves.
Language Learning
GBU will reimburse members for any language course for up to $250. This is a great way to help your child get an early start on high school and college language requirements.
GBU Kid’s Clubs
GBU always invites children to attend community events with their parents, grandparents and friends, but youth members are offered discounted and often free tickets to events. There are also programs offered to youth members like Kinder Klub, Young Explorer and Community Heroes.
Awards, Contests and Games
GBU has numerous contests, games and awards for its young members. These contests are limited to members only.
GBU Orphan Benefit
If both member child’s parents pass away and at least one of the parents was a member for two months or longer, GBU will provide financial support through the rest of their childhood until the child either reaches the age of 19, marries, enters military service, or fails to maintain a GBU membership.
By choosing to invest in a member-owned insurance company like GBU, you can support your child with financial security at an established organization, a selection of products aligned to your child’s needs and benefits that pave the way for their future success.